Rev. Linda Zastovnik

Meet Rev. Linda Zastovnik

Rev. Linda Zastovnik has been in ministry since 1988 and was ordained in the United Methodist Church in 2003. She has served churches in all age level ministries: Youth, Singles, Children, Adults, Congregational Care. When she began to serve as an Associate Pastor, she led churches in building the structure for effective charge leadership by providing training and pastoral guidance.

Pastor Linda has served small churches with 200 members and mega churches with 10,000 members. She holds a master’s degree in Religious Education from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas (Perkins School of Theology). She has served as a development editor for The United Methodist Publishing House. As a Christian educator, her passion is evident in her teaching because she loves helping the Bible come to life!

Pastor Linda

Pastor Linda

Will You Join Me?

My friends, years ago, when I first felt the power of God moving in my life, a woman approached me with a scripture from Isaiah 50:4, “The Lord God has given me the tongue of a teacher that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word.”

She began to tell me that as she was praying, it was clear to her that she was to share this scripture with me, that it was for me. At the time, I listened politely, not really understanding what was happening. Later, I journaled all the details of the day. Over the next few years, I kept returning to the memory of that day. It became apparent that on that day, through Scripture and through that woman, God had begun to call me into ministry.

God speaks to us through the words written in the Bible and God speaks to us through each other. It’s a holy moment when you hear the Holy One.

Thirty years later, I am living ministry…through the Church and through those whom God has placed in my path to love. You are one of those – and I am grateful.

What participants are saying about Pastor Linda’s online classes…

“I just love you and your passion and honesty!”

“The way you explained things was wonderful. I learned so much. You did an outstanding job with the study. You made each of us feel important.”

“Linda has such a passion for teaching and each and every time I attend a class it shows. She makes me want to dig deeper and learn more about the Bible and, of course, myself. So thankful our paths crossed.”