Church Consulting & Online Care

Life is difficult. We’d love to help.

All care is Christ centered. Persons of all faiths—or none at all—are welcome. 

Spiritual Direction

  • Spiritual direction is grounded in scripture and focuses on religious experience. It is concerned with a person’s actual experience of their relationship with God. 
  • Spiritual direction is about a relationship. It is based on what happens in an ongoing relationship between the person and God. God is leading the person to deeper faith and more generous service. The spiritual director asks not just “what is happening?” but “where is God leading?” 
  • The real spiritual director is God. God touches the human heart directly. The human spiritual director helps to examine, explore and respond to God’s invitation to a deeper relationship. 


Pastoral Care

The goal of pastoral counseling is to help an individual think biblically about their current struggles in the context of a confidential, caring environment. A pastoral counselor relies on Scripture as the authority for faith and conduct and recognizes that lasting change is the result of the power of God, the grace of Christ and the indwelling ministry of the Holy Spirit. Guided by biblical principles, the Counselors role is to utilize guided questioning, empathetic support, problem definition, reflection/reading assignments, encouragement, and prayer to provide wise, biblical and faithful counsel to those who are hurting and in need. Pastoral counseling is not clinical counseling. Referrals to a clinical counselor may be suggested. 


Circle of Friends

Life is difficult. Through the support of friends it gets a bit easier. Guided by Pastor Linda, you are invited to meet with a small group of friends. Each meeting is focused around a theme and a question. We will commit to meet online every other week for 6 weeks. You will be encouraged and you will encourage others while building trusting friendships.  

No Cost

Church Partnership

Planning and teaching online studies is exhausting. Creating engaging slides, navigating the breakout groups, leading discussions and handling all the administrative tasks is simply overwhelming.

Let Pastor Linda take the stress out and handle it all. You simply get to invite your congregation and show up. Linda will do all the work and you will have the energy to engage with your people as their pastor during the class.

Contact Wakening Ministry for Class Options and Pricing.

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