Postcards from the Camper: “Eve ‘The Mother of All the Living'”

May 12, 2024

I did this Postcard about Eve, the Mother of all the Living, and then noticed something cool. Around my neck is a crucifix I purchased in Bethlehem. And I wear with it the Hebrew letter, Chai, which I purchased in the Old City of Jerusalem. The word/this symbol, means LIFE. I wear them together because Jesus Christ is the Life. In Christ, through Christ, we have life.

And, it is a prayer. 
I am praying for the hostages taken and held and killed by Hamas.
Hamas has the power to end this war.


Consider this:
Eve heard the voice of God.
Mary felt the child of God.


Each had intimate encounters with the Almighty God.
And, I believe, would love for us to know what they experienced.

Spending this Sunday morning praying for you. I am thankful for your presence – showing up in a class or two – and your support. We are family. Across the miles and across the boundaries of church denominations.

We are Wakening Ministry.