Postcards from the Camper: “Hello Tree!”

Apr 14, 2024

Well, it happened. “Beauty” met a tree.

I was trying to back into a site all by myself. Thought I could do it. Made a mistake. It was a LONG night, because in the midst of trying to figure out what to do next there was a ferocious storm. The people who had gathered to help me figured out what to do. It involved a large chain wrapped around the tree. In the end, they prevented further damage to the camper and to me. However, one of the men who was helping me had a large tree fall on his truck that was parked by his camper. 

It was a scary night in so many ways. 

What I learned: 

Never be afraid or too proud to ask for help. I did, and people came and helped me. Pat and Terry and Pat and Sarah and Willow and 3 other men; I never got their names. They stayed with me through it all. Jesus, bless them, fully and richly.

I’m thankful for insurance. I was on the phone the next morning and between the camper repair shop and insurance, things are already on the move. 

People are good. We spend a lot of time not trusting the other. I experienced nothing but good and grace and I am in awe. Really. I have heard that campers are a community. They are.

Faith over Fear. During the HEAVY rain, while the limbs began to fall and I was certain the chain wrapped around the tree would bust and kill us all, I ran to my truck. I got inside and gave myself a good talking to: These people were out there sacrificing and helping me. Get out there! I did. But I experienced fear…and chose faith. Again and again.


In my orange glasses with the lenses popped out in front of our first family tent. I am thankful for my parents who loved to camp and took us on adventures that have formed me and given me the experiences that instilled the confidence to try it on my own.

Watch the video below for a personal message, “Are you saved?”

Spending this Sunday morning praying for you. I am thankful for your presence – showing up in a class or two – and your support. We are family. Across the miles and across the boundaries of church denominations.

We are Wakening Ministry.